Founder’s Message


Dr. Nadeem Kiani

Chairman’s Message

The American Lycetuff has always worked hard to provide our students with the curricular & co-curricular activities to expand the horizons of their minds through diversified learning by providing them with a fusion of words, actions, activities and opportunities.

This performance is a shadow of the Lycetuff’s endeavor to provide the best for our children. The fusion of four provinces is the fusion of American Lycetuff. Lycetuff Performance Fiesta is the voice of a nation sung in the rhythm of ideas and commitment. These performances are the metaphor of the sentiments of the hearts depicted trough the words, blended in music .And to reciprocate them is the reaction of the audience through their claps. Our purpose is and has always been to provide our students with the best form of education through our dedicated groups of teachers and through a thorough knowledge of our culture. This Performing Arts Fiesta was a humble endeavor of Lycetuff to combine all forms of cultures,music ,performance ,expressions as well as to send a loud message of nationalism at the grass root level to keep the frame of nationhood ,which was lighted by Quaid-e-Azam.Learning in the parts of our young generation to give Pakistan a remarkable future.”INSHA-ALLAH”.



Zeeshan Nadeem

Managing Director’s Message

In pursuance of the traditions of previous years, the American Lycetuff School System, an educational organization with a multi-dimensional outlook, is targeted to promote the various social and cultural activities around us in order to teach our younger generation the various shades of the cultural heritage of Pakistan so as to enable them to interact, learn and appreciate the cultural wealth of the four provinces of our country. Our program planners at the Lycetuff have successfully developed a mixed display of various forms of cultural projections with the help of music and performing arts. In the modern health conscious times no activity can be completed without the inclusion of some health fitness program. In the form of aerobics, to everyone’s astonishment, our young and growing up students are excellent with their work –outs. The national songs always form a part of the recognition of a people living in a country and serves to identify the national, social, political and religious areas in which a nation develops and takes form to teach nationalism to our futuristic generations. We hope that these educational activities on our co-curriculum endeavor to educate our students, beside the books, with such colorful, enhancing and appreciating activities which also serve as a record of the participation of our students during their school going years.