Our Associates enjoy the benefits of the equity and repute associated with the ALS Group. By joining our network, you can be assured that you have made the right choice and that your business is secure.

ALS offers low start-up costs and pre-operational expenses, low take-off and break-even points, all key attributes which help to hit the ground running and make it easier for the establishment of a profitable enterprise.

Our Network Associates get support and guidance at every level. Among many other elements, we provide guidelines for academic policies, curriculum with regular updates, administrative criteria, entrance tests, examination setting, assessment and grading system, marking guidelines, etc. Teacher training programme offers workshops and training programmes across Pakistan.

The main investment is for real estate where property appreciation is guaranteed (i.e. on land and building, etc.). In this scenario, a sustained cash flow is assured because only advance cash is required and there is no credit involved.
There is satisfaction in this project because you will be investing in a worthy cause: education. We encourage you to visit our office and have a detailed meeting with our representative.

Guidance and Support

Quality Curriculum and Academic Support

Quality, well-rounded English medium curriculum suited to our cultural, historical and religious framework, which has produced some of the best Matriculation results in the country.

Academic Department provides support with Curriculum Resource Packs (CRPs) and Daily Lesson Plans (DLPs). The teachers use these CRPs and DLPs to ensure effective teaching and learning in the classrooms

Location Analysis

The selection of specific site and location is reviewed and approved by  American Lycetuff and is subject to mutual consent

School/Premises Design

The premises is set according to American Lycetuff design specifications as this ensures a certain standard required for well-equipped classrooms, libraries, laboratories, and playing fields with optimum economy

Construction /Renovation

All installations in all school buildings are pre-determined and our Associates can choose a contractor from our list before renovating or equipping the facility

Marketing: Advertising and Promotion

Our Associates get complete marketing support for promoting their school on a national, regional and local level Marketing strategies will be provided along with a detailed advertising and promotion support backed up by innovative public relations (PR) programmes

Personnel Development Programmes

We offer staff development programmes and state-of-the-art teacher training programmes designed around the latest teaching approaches, methods and techniques. Also included are programmes and workshops for the management as well as the support staff

Centralized Buying Unit

A centralised system is in place for procurement and purchasing of stationery and uniforms.

Such a centralised system ensures meeting a certain standard and consistency level across all school units. Another major benefit of such a system is that bulk-purchasing makes it highly economical.

ALS is unique due to the following specifics:

  1. It owns and runs all types of schools, which are offered for franchising.
  2. It  does not offer an inferior brand. The quality and reputation of ALS is shared with the franchises.
  3. The franchise plans are flexible and can be adjusted to your unique requirement.
  4. We offer a host of value-added programs, which are propriety and international. These add-ons not only raise the standard, but also put you in an advantageous position.
  5. ALS offers “O” levels in franchise options.
  6. We strive to accommodate all business associates through franchise, partnership, merger or out-sourcing. Acquisition is also a viable option.
  7. Phasing out franchises so as to cater for future growth can also be offered.
  8. Franchise options for complete areas, cities etc. can also be considered, in special cases.

Combination Possibilities

Pre-School & Nursery:

  1. Stand-alone.
  2. With Day-Care Centre.
  3. With Mini-Flip.
  4. With permission to add Junior School – after 2 years.
  5. With permission to add High School – after 3 years. (With or without “O” Levels)
  6. Permission to open additional branches.

Regular Day School:

  1. Start as Junior / Middle School.
  2. With permission to add Middle / High School. (With or without “O” Levels)
  3. With permission to add Full Day or Boarding School.
  4. Permission to open additional branches.

Full Day School:

  1. Regular Full Day school (With or without “O” Levels)
  2. Permission to add boarding school.
  3. Permission to open branches (Pre-School, Junior, High or Full Day)

Boarding School:

  1. With or without “O” Levels.
  2. Permission to open branches (Pre-School, Junior, High, Full Day or Boarding)

Partnerships, Conversions, Acquisitions and Schools Abroad:

Subject to your particular unique situation.


For franchise inquiry, please send email at