O Level

The American Lycetuff School system continues with passion and perseverance, its mission of providing quality education to budding young minds.  Our new O level Branch stands as a testament to our conviction of providing the optimum learning environment to students enrolled in our branches. We have left no stone unturned in charting out a comprehensive program for our student body who are planning on appearing for their Cambridge examinations. O Level qualifications are recognised by universities and employers around the world as evidence of academic achievement. Since this is a fairly specialized program, there exists a systematic network of academic departments and state of the art facilities. These will support academic learning and nurture the creative interests of students as well as ensuring their physical and psychological well-being for a value-added and well-rounded education.

Grades are benchmarked using six internationally recognised grades, from A* to E, which have clear guidelines to explain the standard of achievement.

Our faculty members who are the backbone of the institution are well-trained and qualified and will be constantly updated about emerging trends in teaching in their respective fields via regular training sessions and workshops. They shall therefore be well-equipped to tutor students with innovation, keep them motivated through different teaching technique, inculcate in them the ability to think critically and groom them into ethical individuals who are ready to face head-on the growing challenges of the 21st century.



It was an outstanding year for American Lycetuff in terms of Academics. The hard work of the teachers and students could be witnessed by the proud result of O-levels.

There is no substitute of hard work.


Roll number 0053 Sara Baber scored 2 A* and 1 A

Roll number 0099 Syed Mohammad Madah   scored 4 A* and 3A

Roll number 0100 Mohammad Ali Hamza scored 3 A*and 2 A

Roll number 0108 Anas Nouman Samdhani scored 1 A*5 As and

Roll number 0034 Shreen Afzal scored 3A* and 3 A

Roll number 0047 Usama Iftikhar Scored 1B, 1A* and 1A.

Roll number 0058 Javeria Akram scored 1B, 1A* and 1A.

Roll number 0059 Hareem sadique scored 1B, 1A* and 1A.

Roll number 0064 Roshaan khan scored 1A* and 2A.

Roll number 0081 Muhammad bilal fareed scored 2A* and 1A.

Roll number 0094 Hamza Salman Ahmed scored, 1A*, 3A and 1B.

Roll number 0132 Hamza SHabir scored, 2A*, 1A

Roll number 0009 Hassan Kamran scored 1A* and 1A

Roll number 0010 Alizeh Tariq scored 1A* and 1A

Roll number 0048 Basma Ahmed scored  2A’s

Roll number 0049 Ujala Anjum scored 1A* and 1A.

Roll number 0079 Aisha Ali scored 3A’s

Our students could not have arrived at their current success without hard work and that is what gives American Lycetuff a competitive advantage. Teachers at American lycetuff give their students the motivation to work hard, analyze their strengths and limitations and help them in achieving the best results with giving them the sense of utilizing their potentials in the right direction.