Our Vision

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Our Vision and Future Plan

While we look back on the success story of American Lycetuff with a sense of fulfillment and pride, we continuously march forward to achieve the highest standards of professional excellence. We have a vision, dream and an ambition to keep abreast with the latest methodologies of teaching and to make American Lycetuff real fountainhead of knowledge .To be able to enter the new century in a befitting manner and to translate all our future aspirations into realities ,we have set the following targets:

  • A supportive learning environment with maximum facilities.
  • Curriculum focused school leadership
  • A system of monitoring performance and achievement
  • Ongoing staff development
  • Parental involvement, guidance and support

Our Philosophy of Education

When the students enter the school in play group, they take some time to adjust to the environment. Coming from different backgrounds, with diverse linguistic abilities, the first and foremost task is to bring them to certain level of understanding and make them interested in the school activities .Parents active involvement and help is sought in the crucial phase and they are briefed and advised to reinforce the school activities at home also. The main philosophy of education at American Lycetuff is to satisfy the needs of the individual and society and to promote the development of knowledge and understanding, practical skills, attitude and values.


These objectives are however, not achieved through memorization or rote learning but the direct experience .We at American Lycetuff realize that each child develops at his own pace and needs individual attention and care. Various strategies such as role play, pair work, group work and project work are usefully applied to make teaching more interesting and purposeful. The teachers adopt a friendly approach and encourage healthy discussions and sharing of ideas.

Computer Education

As the approach towards education at American Lycetuff is future-oriented, computer education has been made an integral part of school curriculum. Students are provided theoretical knowledge as well as latest techniques of using computer.

Research and Development Cell

A team of experts in “Research & Development Cell” are constantly at work, throughout the academic school year, monitoring and exploring new horizons for betterment of pupils and syllabus which are constantly reviewed and updated in accordance with problem of the students.